About Valerie Lucey

Valerie Lucey comes to Engel & Völkers from the internationally renowned wine region of Bordeaux, France. There she eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree in administration and accountancy at the age of 17. She immediately started her professional career working in various executive administrative capacities. At a very early working age, Valerie acquired a significant level of professional and profound experience working with key professionals that included cardio-thoracic surgeons, lawyers, architects and accountants where she successfully executed a number of various comprehensive responsibilities. However, this was not Valerie’s most important achievement. At twenty years old, Valerie’s destiny compelled her to become a foster mom for her two teenage siblings. Despite the difficult challenges of being both a single parent and a sibling, she proudly exclaims that it is the most rewarding experience of her life. Now, she is the proud sister of two wonderful human beings, both successful entrepreneurs. Of course, setting the entrepreneurship example, Valerie first tasted success many years ago in your own country as Founder and CEO of "Holiday Cottages and Bed & Breakfast" which was ambiently nestled within the charm and intimacy of her family vineyard. Valerie prides herself on her instinct for distinctive style and grace. She decided to flex her entrepreneurial muscles again and start her "Image & Style Consultant" business, that to this day, remains a very rewarding and passionate venture. Through this enterprise, Valerie has had the privilege to meet wonderful people looking to reveal their best self in accordance with their natural gifts and personality. Affirmation of her instinctive abilities was revealed with very tangible and transformative results after witnessing the renewed self-esteem with clients. Without regard to age and with sheer determination, Valerie decided to make a bold move to the U.S. on an international student visa. She spoke no English and knew this to be her first challenge to overcome. Upon landing in the U.S., she promptly enrolled in a four-year program, "English as a Second Language," (ESL) for which she was rewarded with honors for her ability to speak English so fluently upon class graduation. Valerie’s “moxie” and life experience is expected to serve both her and her clients well.